Born into a noble family of Grandis, Cadena’s life took a turn for the worse when Magnus led an invasion with a formidable force, her family among those marked for death. By sheer will of luck Cadena was rescued by an unknown savior, an associate of the Shadow Merchants.

Eventually she abandoned her original name and took on a new alias, Cadena, which literally means chains, her choice of weapon. Vowing to avenge her family’s death, she joins the Shadow Merchants and begins her journey to become stronger.


New V Skills

This NOVA, we have new V skills lined up for everyone! Alongside a new common skill,
each job class gets a new skill that will greatly aid them in their adventures.


Warriors are now stronger than ever with Steadfast Core.


Magicians tap on other dimensions with Ethereal Form.


Archers pinpoint enemies’ weaknesses with ultimate precision with Critical Reinforce.


Thieves are now deadlier with their new skill Blood for Blood.


Pirates can now go into Overdrive – bursting at their own expense.

Spirit Savior

Rock Spirits need your help!
These adorable little spirits got themselves stuck due to the evil energy all around Arcana.
Save them in the new daily dungeon Spirit Savior, and obtain Spirit Coins which you can exchange for Arcane Symbol: Arcana!

Dimension Library Episode 4

A forgotten name. Relive the days of a legendary hero and discover the truth about mercenaries during the war.

Enter the Dimension Library to find out more about the Bard on the Snowfield!

Community Spotlight